Razer Synapse

Razer Synapse 3.5 beta

Rebind controls, assign macros to Razer periherials and save them to the cloud
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Razer Synapse is a free tool that individuals, mostly gamers, can use to customize peripherals settings, like keyboard and mouse, save the configuration to cloud and use it whenever you need, at LAN parties or tournaments.

The program comes wrapped in a beautiful black and green theme, with unique menu icons and nicely crafted menu tabs. The navigation throughout the menu is quite intuitive but at times the interface freezes and the buttons become unresponsive.

Razer Synapse has inter-device communication which means it combines VoIP client, Instant Messenger and IRC-chat. This way, users can create sub-channels of the main group and the admins can text or voice members of the channels.
Another noticeable feature is represented by the possibility of creating infinite settings and profiles, for all types of games, without being limited by the onboard device memory.

Furthermore, users can calibrate the Razer mouse to a specific surface thanks to a sensor that records the surface's color, topography, and many other properties.

To summarize, Razer Synapse is a very useful tool, especially for gamers. It looks amazing, it's free and only has minor inconveniences.

John Saunders
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  • Has a beautiful default theme
  • Includes inter-device communication
  • Incorporates a surface sensor


  • The menu freezes at times
  • Buttons can be unresponsive at heavy loads
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